Frequently Asked Questions

- Our data entry team works around the clock - Both day and night, 24/7 and 365 days a year.
- When placing a new order, you can choose from an ETA of 3, 6, 12 or 18 hours.
- If you are a new customer, your first five free orders can take up to 12-18 hours, because it takes us more time to understand your style and your regional data. We may ask you a few questions before completing your first 3 reports.

Any data that you send us, we will fill in on your reports. We complete almost 95% of the manual data entry that most appraisers do to complete their reports. We fill a maximum of 9 comps per report. We do sketch and photos. We can complete the adjustment part with the help of specific instructions.

We can complete appraisal report data entry for Single Family Residential (SFR URAR 1004), Condominium 1073, Multi-family house, and Drive-By Exterior Only, or any other appraisal form for the same price. We also complete Desktop, BPOs, and Reviews for a lesser price.

You can send your order at our email or you can login to our portal and upload the files with necessary details.

We are offering a first-week free trial or if you are not so busy appraiser then the first 5 reports are absolutely free. We do not require payment information for a free trial.

You can pay anytime online by credit card or by PayPal on our secure website. Please note: we do not save any credit card numbers on our web servers. You will provide your credit card number directly to the secure gateway interface on our website.

You will receive an email once we complete your order indicating the order has been completed with an attached completed report. You can download from our website, just log in to your account and download the completed report.

No, we do not have our own MLS access since we are not a licensed broker or an appraiser. Some of our appraisers get an extra MLS user assistant account access for us and then provide us just the MLS numbers so that we can get MLS and county data for them. This way, we also provide them the PDF files of the data we used for their reference. You can also create a web link of all the comps you choose from the MLS website and email it to yourself and then copy that link text in the "Instructions for a new order". You can also save all the comps MLS data in a PDF and upload it to us.

No, absolutely not. Your data will not be used or shared with any company or any third party.

Everything that you would put yourself while making the report is needed by us.

What you provide is what we fill the forms with. We will need subject data, comps, public records listings, MLS data and photo’s. You can also send inspection reports along with rough sketches, contract details and 1004MC data. You can need to send us your software template file in which there maybe standard comments which you rarely change. If you give us your MLS details then we can pull data from there and you do not need to send us manually each time.